Nellie Powell is a graphic designer and focuses on branding and illustration. She toils out of a study with some plants and her faithful cat Jane.

I was born in Los Angeles, California. The daughter of a Plumber and a School Teacher. We moved to Miami, FL, in 1992 for the weather, and ironically enough, we experienced our first experience in the tropical climate, Hurricane Andrew. We survived that night, and I continued to grow until I was 5’ 9”. Some years later, I read at the University of Florida, intent on journalism. Instead, life took a turn, and I swapped majors and graduated with graphic design because that is what you did when you don’t want to do science and maths or learn no more. I continued to learn things, though.

I moved out to Charleston in 2009 and started working alongside five other talented individuals at a graphic design agency with more things happening in between. I met my husband, we got a cute cat, and now I work for myself.